Open Day Success

03 June 2012

Open Day Success – a huge thank you to everyone who came down to see us at the Open day at the factory on Sunday 3rd June.

We were overwhelmed by your support. We hope you had a great day, because we certainly did! With so many people arriving at the open day we struggled to catch up with everyone.

The CXC 3.7 Car Topper was set up with a great little 8HP Yamaha 2 Stroke – excellent combination of power and weight lifting the boat up onto the plane easily with 2 or 3 people on board (thanks to Paul at Brisbane Yamaha for the loan of the motor and for coming down to support us on his day off)

The CXC 4.1 was matched with the new Suzuki 20HP 4 Stroke Lightweight Battery-Less Fuel Injected motor , and quite honestly was a delight to run either 2 or 4 up in the creek. It jumped onto the plane very quickly, minimum fuss. (Thanks to Suzuki for the motor)

Our CXC 4.3 with a 40HP Suzuki ATHL also performed well delighting customers in demonstrations with a highly refined feel, and comfortable ride.

Our order book is filling up fast after the demonstration day, so if you’re thinking about buying, or just want some more information, then let us know – just drop a quick email or give us a call.