24 September 2012
CrossXcountry boats + EzyTopper boats have been integrated into a new company called ENLIGHTENED BOATING. The new Directors are john and Geoff hall & Adrian Heath who with the founder of XC boats Tyson Detheridge are looking forward to taking their range of lightweight, tough boats to the boating public. Mgr Dir John Hall said the new Co will have total dedication to meeting client needs. We will closely watch our P’s and Q’s (performance and quality) we will guarantee the quality workmanship of each boat. With 2 years total Quality ensured warrantee. There will be 5 models in the car topper range from 3m – 4.5m and 4 in the trail able range 3.7m – 4.75m. Other models are on drawing boards. The company will provide a one stop shop for your total requirements including outboards, trailers, loading systems etc. This integration will make Enlightened Boating the largest producer of infused recreational boats in Australia